Modularity and variability are qualities inherent in IRIJUM organizers.

To ensure these features, we offer you to use the "Variomodul" set.

Use it to attach flash drives, calculators, phones, and anything else you need.

"Variomodul" consists of 20 cm of high-strength premium self-adhesive tape and 20 self-adhesive circles and serves as a full-fledged replacement for mechanical means of attachment, there is no need to use special equipment,

this eliminates many time-consuming operations.


• High holding force

• Reliable and long-lasting connection

• Adheres to most surfaces

• Simplicity of application




Tape length: 4x5 cm

Width: 25 mm (ribbon), 16 mm (circle)

Composition: 100% high-strength polyamide

Color: black

Adhesive: high-quality universal adhesive based on synthetic rubber

Service life: long lasting - up to 20,000 cycles of opening/closing



Clean and degrease the surface of Your product before applying the tape or circles with the adhesive side.


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